Create Additional User As Sub-User (Under Same Account)

How does one allow a user to invite other users to access their account?

How do you prevent the second user from logging in and just getting to their own account any way and not the correct “master” account that they should be falling under and have access too?

I would create an Account type and it would have a list of Members (type User) you could then use a generated token sent via email in a link to associate the user to the account.

The Members type could also contain a permission field if you need to restrict actions of the delegates.

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Where would the Account type go though? Under users?

And how do you go about issuing a token? How can it be used for every login is the question? Don’t I need to send a token each time?

Could you just link users with some account ID number and only display info for the “master” user to all users in that account? Users would have unique logins (because they are unique Users), but the data they’re dealing with is their account’s data.


The Account data type would be a stand alone table.

When the 1st user of an account registers it creates both the User and an Account, that 1st user by default will be the account admin. The admin can send an email to invite users to join or add them manually.

The token would be a first time validation of the user and the account. The Account would have a list of Members, and you would like the Account and the User as you would link any other 2 entities.


I have same use case: First user signs up, creating both User and Account.
Question: As Account owner, first user needs to invite others to sign up. Looking for more color on how to implement the “email with token” workflow, so that invitees receiving the email can follow a link, sign up, and have this new User created and added to the right Account–>List of Users.

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@DaveA may have a different answer for this and I’m curious to hear how he might structure it, but one way this could work

Have a page dedicated to Sign Up as a Secondary User
Make the Page ‘Type of Content’ → Account

Now in the email workflow, I would set it up like the following (but page would not be your index)…

This ‘Link’ feature will only allow you to show or send a Data Type’s Link for a page that is set to having it as a Type of Content
I am sure there is another work around of sending the unique id # as a parameter, then doing a filtered search to reference it, but I think this might be ‘cleaner’

Then when the user who receives the email clicks the link, it will go to a signup page that is referencing the correct account. In the signup user workflow you would go Account = Current Page’s Account

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thanks @gf_wolfer! Do you know if the Reset Password action works on pages other than the default reset_pw page? As long as I have ?reset=[token id] in the URL for the given page?

I would as I suggest have the two main tables, Users (built in one) and Accounts.

If you consider that a user may be a member of multiple Accounts, e.g. in business you might have a 3rd party who does work for you, they might also do work for others, so don’t tie things up as a 1-1 restricted relationship.

So, under the Accounts, an account can have a list of members and member permissions. (which may be another list, of simple permission attributes).

When a user signs in, if they are members of more than one account, then take them to a page to select which account they wish to work with, you might want to have under the user entity an ‘active account’ (the one they are currently working with) and a ‘default account’ (this could be an option to take them always to this account on log in) and member of ‘account’ list to provide the 2-way relationship between account and user.


I am not 100% sure but I think it can only be on the password reset page, as I do not believe that Reset Password workflow show up on other pages?

On other pages you can use the Assign a Temp Password to the User and Update the User’s Credentials to give it a similar feel…

Is this for an MLM? Easier to set up.

How exactly would this be done ?

Hello, I am having the same problem here, How exaclty can I do this? I have been learning with your youtube vids btw.:blush:

New user here as well! Loving Bubble so far, but wondering if it’s possible to have hierarchies of users. For instance, I am the developer, but I want to give users the ability to sign up for an account as an admin and manage their own event space, then have sub-users under that who are users of the space.

Hello, I have read what you wrote here, but please I will appreciate if you can mentor me on how to go about it.
Your will really keep me going, thanks

I have been struggling with this… . do you know of any examples of how this could implemented? I am super new at this, but your logic is the correct logic. Bookeepers for instance might need to acesss multiple companies and it would be nice it they were able to use the same login.