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Hi guys,

I am building an app where multiple people from an organization can connect and share ideas.
When the user login, I need a way to identify the organization they come from so the repeating group can display information related to the organization and not only the user.

How can I do that?

If the new user will be “invited” by an existing user, you might try adding a “field: invited” to the existing user that fills with email addresses they have requested to join. When a new user signs up you can search existing users who have added that email to their “field: invited”. Once found/if true, you can call the inviting user’s organization as an option to join.

If you don’t want an existing user to invite individual users, you might create a “referral code” or unique id that the originator of an organization can provide to a new user when signing up. This could populate all the relevant fields with the organizational info.

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Create an “org” data type that you add to an “invitation” that is a data type as well.

Set the “invitation” to have a field of type “org”

When an invitation is created populate the “org” field with an “org” that was previously created in the dB or in the workflow that creates the invitation

Set up a page with content type “invitation” and build the UI so that the invitee can sign up due to a url that you sent him via email that has a url parameter with the unique id of the invitation

When the invitee clicks on the link they will go to that page with that invitation url parameter which will load the invitation to that page

When the user signs up you can now obtain the organization that he/she will belong to because that invitation has it.

Hope this helps :+1:t2:

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