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Create alerts system and count no open messages

Hi ! I searched lot of topics on Alerts System or Notification System, but i don’t find my answer.

I would like create a system alert, when the user receive a new message (on the app), the icon change.

I create a Bubble App for example, you can modificate her :

The purpose it’s that the user receive the alert when he has a message.
But I don’t see, How can I organize my Data Base.

For me, when the message send, he goes in Table : User and Field : Message
The “Open” is by default in False, when the user clic on the Bell, Open becomes True.
And the Bell count how many messages, of Current User, have Open like False.

If somebody can help me, and show me on my Bubble App example, I would be very grateful :wink:

Sorry for my english ^^

Nobody can help me ?? please

Nobody came to ring your bell?

The data structure will work okay for what you want, later you will find reason to change it : )

There are a few missing pieces on your sample app.

  • Login/signup, you can use the form on the “Element templates” list. When you have that in place, “Current User” will make more sense. There is a tutorial for that too.

  • Then the buttons need workflows to make them do interesting things, like create a message thing, then add it to the target user’s list.

  • You’ll also want a way to choose which user the message goes to.

  • And also a button to open a list of messages to view them, probably.

  • Choose the bell elements. You’ve already chosen the bell icon, next draw a number with a circle around it, overlapping the bell. The circle could be a shape underneath the number. At this time its worth playing with the menu “Arrange > Send to Back” and “Bring to Front”.

  • Then you can make the shape and number together (in a group perhaps) have a Conditional setting, where visibility is set to true, on condition of current user’s message:filtered on Open = No :count > 0.

As you can see, a simple notification app has a lot of integrated parts Perhaps give each section a try and raise questions as you try it. Good luck!


Thanks for your answer

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