Notification System Struggle (Solved)

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I was wondering if you could possibly help me with creating a notification system that I am battling to perfect.

I am trying to achieve when a administrator posts a notice out to all users, the user only receives the notice that is related to the services they have in relation to the notice category. I am also looking for an option to select multiple categories that one notice can go out to.

Please view my app here as the example and where I am struggling:

Looking forward to your response.

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You could have the user create a category with name and message field and then the admin could “make changes to list of things…” of the message field, which will allow the admin to change everyone one’s message field.

@muradamod how do you edit a ever users list of things?

Hi @muradamod

I have found the solution and will post it in tips for everyone to use shortly.

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