How do I do an app wide alert?

The project I’m working on has a button in which shows an alert, however I need this alert to show on every Users screen. How do I go abouts doing so ?

Can you provide a bit more detail, what is the alert for? Do you want it to go away after they have seen it? Is the alert just a signal or does it have text?

How to make an update alert system:

You can create a data type called alerts and have a field with text.
Create a yes/no boolean field on the user data type called “Seen Alert?”

Then, have that button create a new alert with text. Then put all users “Seen Alert?” to “no”.

Then put a bell with a red dot (Or number) in your header, have that red dot be visible when current users “Seen Alert?” is"no".

When users click that bell (or Number), show a group which shows the latest alerts/messages.

This will notify users when there’s an update to your website, or a message alert. Like this under, where the “0” is the “bell”.