View all data for admin user

Hello. Please tell me, I have a large number of users who can only see their records after they have been logged in. I did it with the help of rights in the database (ex: this policy-data’s user is current) user. and I’m fine with that.

but now I need to create an admin who can see all the entries made by users. how can i achieve this? 3 days without success

Hey @v.aliquliyev

Introduce a Boolean in the User table “Admin?” Give it a default value no.
So whenever user is created it will have have no as the admin.

But when you will change the admin from no to yes. It will become the admin

Now make a page or any element give it the conidiotn when curren user’s “admin” is yes sthis element is visible etc.

For privacy rules, add when current user’s admin is yes show everything (by ticking everything)

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