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Create an own, three-option checkbox

Hi there,

the question is not thaaat complicate, please don’t feel scared by the length of this question - I just try to explicate my problem. :slight_smile:

I’m currently creating a (orchestra) score management system. We organize the different scores and check, if each instrument is present. The problem is, that there are scores/music titles, where some instruments aren’t available at all.
So we have to differ between
1) Instrument parts that are present
2) Instrument parts that should be present, but are missing
3) Instrument parts that aren’t available for this title (so it is not missing, it just doesn’t exist)

What we need:
Till now we have always worked with a checklist. But the problem with the unchecked checkbox is that we don’t know if the part is missing or if it doesn’t exist for this music title.
Our idea was a “triple option checkbox”. Three icons: A green check mark (for present parts), a red cross (for missing parts) and a grey blank circle (for non-existing parts).

The problem:
How do we create such a system? We need the icons to change when they are clicked. So when I click the check mark, the cross appears; when I click the red cross, the blank circle appears; when I click the blank circle, the check mark appears again (loop). My idea was a personalized button style, which I set as image and to create a workflow:

If check mark is clicked --> Hide the check mark --> Show the cross (and so on...)


But how do I save to the type and send it to another page, if the check mark, the cross or the circle is set at the button?

Thank you for every help and idea! :slight_smile:

You can use an image, button, or group to display a different option based on a custom states or other data. For example, set a different source image for the three custom states you have.

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Great idea!
BUT: I have now created a container (=group) and placed three images overlaid. So the green checkmark is hidden by the red cross, the red cross is hidden by the grey blank circle. I set the cross and the blank circle to be not shown when the page loads.
So, the workflow works great, but how to I send the containers content (the information, which image is currently shown) to another page? I can’t set the containers type of content to image, as I don’t have an external source image, can I?
If I can’t I don’t know field type “container content” or something, so how to transfer the container’s current image?

Thanks! I appreciate your help! :slight_smile: