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Images instead of checkboxes

I am building a small survey app where users need to check some checkboxes so what i am trying to achieve is instead of using plain old checkboxes i want to replace them with images. I check the bubble reference but unable to wrap my head around it.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey myth,

You can use images BUT you can’t use the check box function. You’ll have to create a data type for each image and then create a work flow. It’d be the equivalent to a “thumbs up” and “thumbs down”.

Why don’t you use icons?

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Does icons take input value? to true or false ?

You can assign a boolean function as in:

Boat (Yes/No)
Water jug (Yes/No)

I would create a data type called Boat and make it Yes/No and then assign a workflow for it when the button is pressed.

Yes, use conditional formatting to display the checked and in checked icon

@AliFarahat - just for clarity, icons would be checked and UNchecked.