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Hello guys!

I’m trying to do a side menu with steps. It is for an onboarding process. The menu is a RG. I don’t manage to get a checkbox icon visible when and only when the user has clicked on next step.

I have also prepared a short video showing you what my problem is.

Thank you!

Hi @sylvainn !

Create a custom state (Number) called “step”. Default value is 1.

Now, on your checkboxes, create a condition to change the text (or visibility) according to the current “step” custom state.


Checkbox 1 is visible only if “step” >= 1
Checkbox 2 is visible only if “step” >= 2
Checkbox 3 is visible only if “step” >= 3

And as you click the “Continue” button, you change the “step”.

Hi @rpetribu
Thanks for your help !

Where should I create a custom state (Number)?
On the checkbox icon? or on the Continue button?

I think that the problem comes from that my menu is a RG with 2 columns : checkbox icon and text.

You can’t set a condition where you say that checkbox icon #1 becomes visible as all the checkbox icons will also become visible.

You can create the “custom state” in you page.
As an example, I have created in my index.

And, in your checkboxes, you will have to make them visible only if their’s cell’s index in the RG >= page index’s STEP.

Note that:
The checkbox1 is at index 1…
The checkbox2 is at index 2…

Use this to make them visible:


And of course, make them invisible by default.

Thank you so much for your help.

Where do you find “index’s step”?
I don’t have it in my list.

You will have to create it first…

Click in you page. My page is called INDEX. I don’t know the name of your page…

After that, click at the top right icon “?” and create the “step” custom state as bellow:

If you wish, send me a PM with your access. I can do it for you. No problem.

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It works! Thank you so much for your help!

Nice! :+1:

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