Create Custom Fields on the Fly

I’m building an app that uses the default Database provided by .bubble. In the database, I have an Items file where every record has the same fields. I’m interested in allowing the user to create fields on the fly and name them and give them their data type when they create the fields.

So for example, for a specific Item, a user may want to create a a field called PIN number with a text field type that is masked for numbers. And the user only wants to assign that field to one record and not any other records in the file.

Is there a way to do this in .bubble?

You can create a ‘Custom Field’ datatype for this kind of thing, then allow your users to create their own Custom Fields.

Thanks…So does the custom field get added to every record in the database? Or just the record that the user wants to add the field to? Where do I find more info about this feature?