Create custom list of images


I’m new to Bubble and I must say, it’s quite impressive! I’m currently working on setting up a system where users can create items, complete with various parameters like sizing, descriptions, and images.

I’ve hit a snag with the image uploading aspect. I want users to be able to upload images and add a caption under each one. To achieve this, I’ve employed the multi-file uploader dropzone along with a repeating group. In the repeating group, I’ve set the multifile uploader value as the source and set the type to image. Each cell in the repeating group contains an image and a description field.

To handle this, I’ve created a new type called “ItemImage” in the database, and I’ve added a list field called “itemImage” to my Item type.

Now, when I click save (using simple looper), I attempt to loop through all the elements of the repeating group and extract both the image and text elements. However, I’m encountering an issue where I can only access the image field of the repeating group. I’m struggling to understand how to manage this scenario.

To summarize:

  • I need to allow users to upload multiple images, display them with the option to add descriptions, and then save all the images and descriptions as a list of “ItemImage” to the “items” table.

Additionally, I’m unsure whether it’s better to save the “ItemImages” as a list of elements in the “Item” table or to directly use the “ItemImage” table to store all the images and descriptions with a reference to my Item. Could you help me understand the best approach?