Create data types using workflows

My project requires not only the ability to add things to an existing database but also the option to create a new data type.
The application will work like a project management app that has the option to create/load a new project.
It would seem that there is a limitation in bubbles workflows that means you can only create new things, and not create whole data types with actions.
Does anyone know a work around or solution to this?
It would make it easier if each project could be its own data type and data types could be created by the user.
In terms of what I am trying to achieve- A project will be created, a user will then create a list of items associated with that project, then the cost of the items will be calculated and displayed by using a costing data type. I then want to be able to save that project specific breakdown and components list in to one place and give the user the ability to ‘load’ their existing projects at a future date.

It sounds like you only need 2 datatypes:

Project Item

Just create a new project for your users, then allow them to create new items and associate them with the project.

Thanks for the reply. So you are suggesting I have a ‘projects’ data type, allowing the user to add project name etc. Then an ‘items’ data type with a list of options (there will be hundreds).
How would I tether the selected items to the associated project? Keep in mind each project would be different so I couldn’t create a field in the ‘projects’ data type for each item that could potentially be selected.
Do you mean to have a data field in my ‘projects’ data type called something like ‘items’ and then have the users put a list in that field?
Sorry I’m a noob!

You could have a list field on the Project to contain the project Items, but if there will be hundreds per project then it will probably be better to link the data in the opposite direction only (i.e. link the Item to the Project), but it depends on your specific needs.

I recommend reading through the section of the Bubble manual relating to database set up and, especially linking datatypes, so you can see the various options and which one would best suit your app.

But from the sounds of what you’ve described so far, 2 datatypes is probably all you need, with fields such as (obviously these are just examples):

Name (text)
User (User)
Details (text)
Due date (date)
Complete (yes/no)

Project Item
Project (Project)
User (User)
Item Name (text)
Item Details (text)
Due Date (date)
Complete (yes/no)

Of course the exact fields you need will depend on your app, but that’s probably the simplest way to go.

If a project won’t have more than 100 or so items, then you could connect the items to the project via a list field on the project datatype, but if you’ll likely have more than that for each project then it’s not recommended, and there’s no need.