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Creating a new thing and associating it with an existing thing

Hi All,

I’ve searched the forum for similar topics but I haven’t found one, so here goes:

I have two custom data types - projects and jobs.
A user can create multiple projects and multiple jobs.

Jobs can either be a part of a project or standalone.

So, when creating a new job - I show them a “list of project names they’ve created” in a dropdown and ask if they want to associate this job with an existing project.

If they choose a project, how do I associate this new job type to an existing project type - using the name object?

Thank you,


On the job data type, create a list/ single field of project data type.

In workflow, add a second step: Make changes to a job - Result of a step 1. Add a condition- only when value of dropdown in not empty

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I’d recommend list for project as you may later realize that one job could serve multiple projects and then you’d have to change the data structure.

Hope it helps

In my job type, I have a field call “for project” of type project.

In my workflow:
Step 1 - I create a new job type and fill in all the fields.
in step 2 I have - make changes to current user’s project - but how do I specify which project?

sorry if I’m not getting it :frowning:

For what it’s worth, you don’t necessarily need two steps. In the first step where you “fill in all the fields,” set the for project field equal to the project dropdown’s value (don’t make the dropdown required, of course). If a user selects a project from the dropdown, the job will be associated with that project. If they don’t, the job will be a “standalone” job. Make sense?

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I tried exactly that but when I try to set the “for project” field - the dropdown is greyed out.

It says incompatible type.

Your dropdown needs to be set to dynamic choices with the type of choices set to projects. How is it currently configured?

It is set to dynamic choices. And I show the project’s names as options. So this will be a text field.

That’s the issue. It needs to be set to projects, and you will still be able to show the projects’ names in the dropdown.


Worked like a charm. Thank you!

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