Create Database Under Each Unique User

Hi Guys,

I am new to Bubble.

Can someone kindly help.

I am trying to create a function that always users to collect feedback from people.

After each user registers with the app, that is, after they sign up, I want to give them the option to send people a feedback form.

I have created the form to collect data and added a function for the user once logged in to send out the form to collect feedback from various people they send it to.

I have also created a display in the users login view to see the responses that are logged in the database. However all responses from that form/database shows for all users when they are logged in.

Can someone please help? How can I make it so that the unique users only see the form submissions (data) that belong to them?

Any feedback is much appreciated.


Hi there, @costas… if I understand your post correctly, the solution should be as simple as adding a constraint on the data source (search) of the repeating group that shows the responses. So, the question is how are you associating a response with a particular user? Is there a field of type User on the response data type that stores the user who the feedback is for? If so, you can add a constraint on the repeating group’s data source where that field equals the current user, and you should be good to go. Oh, and you could (should) also use a privacy rule to make sure that users can only see responses with which they are associated.

Anyway, I hope this response helps, but if it doesn’t, share some screen shots and I’m sure we can get things figured out.


Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for getting back. I will check and see. I think I know what you mean.

I will give it a go.

And yes, I’ll check out the privacy settings.

Thanks! :smile:

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Thanks again Mike. Is this what you mean?

Hi Mike, where I am confused is here. If I am under that user and while under that users profile and logged in a feedback request has been sent to a person, should it not display the user here?

Well, I mean something similar to Created by = Current User, but that won’t be the constraint because the current user is not the one who is creating the thing in the Customer Review Request data type.

It looks like you do have a User field on that data type, and I am assuming that field’s type is User. Are you actually saving a user (i.e., the user for whom the request is being submitted) to that field in the workflow that creates the thing ? Can you share some screenshots of the data type configuration and your workflows? Or if you prefer, you can let me take a look under the hood by sending me a link (privately) to your editor, and that would probably save a lot of back and forth here.

Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply. No the person submitting the review thing is not the owner. I want the user/person who is logged in to have the review requests they submit and the review responses submitted to below to them. In looking what the screen after I did what you said ( or at least thing I did what you said it seems to be working in that if a review request is send by a logged in user only those once display when logged in. and if I log in as another user only the review requests sent by that user show.

I don’t want to trouble you to much as I have so much more to go, I just wanted to understand the concept of a thing belonging to a ‘user’ that is logged into the app.