Create dynamic forms like Eventbrite based on input

Hey everyone, I’m trying to implement a dynamic form similar to how Eventbrite collects additional ticket holder information based on the selected ticket quantity. I have the data types defined, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to duplicate the form inputs based on the number of tickets selected.

I have a repeating group with a data source “Question Group” and a nested repeating group with “Question Group’s List of Questions”. Ideally, I’d like to manipulate the forms and data without touching the database. I have two separate datatypes so different ticket types can have different “Question Groups”.

Is there any way to take a database record and copy it multiple times in-browser only and then manipulate it? I’m not opposed to using more advanced techniques and manipulating JSON or whatever may be required.

From there, I’m guessing I could save each cell as a “Question Answer” datatype.

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