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Newbie Question: Complex form building

Hi there all you pro Bubblers. Im just getting my head around the UI and capabilities that Bubble has.

I need to build reasonably long forms, many check box “PASS / FAIL” type questions that bind to a DB. Then display the results in a table etc. Pretty straightforward I guess. My question is, is there a quick process such as create the first question and check boxes, then duplicate them 20 times, then edit the specifics etc?

I’d appreciate any insight into form building and or samples etc. eg Tickbox turns green or red on result etc.

Many thanks

Hi @WasabiBoy

Yeh, Bubble has copy/paste functionality. So create the elements for the tickboxes etc then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to duplicate.

As for tickbox turning green/red etc - this can be done with conditionals:

You could use a Repeating Group, and create the Questions in the Database - if you ever want to add or delete questions you could do so from an Admin page instead of changing the page design and workflows every time. With a repeating group you only need to define the first cell style, and then it replicates it however many times.
It will save you time, but the initial setup could be a little more confusing

There was some discussion about a similar implementation here:

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Thanks Andrew1 & gf_wolfer

I’ll play around with those ideas :slight_smile: