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Need help creating a dynamic form

I am trying to implement a dynamic form, similar to Kickstarter’s new project page. In addition to the static form elements, the user can add an arbitrary number of rewards, and fill out a new form for each reward.

I have a repeating group with form items inside it, and I would like to populate a list of things from each cell’s form when the user submits the containing page. When I set the field (list of rewards) to the repeating group’s list of things, I only get the created/modified date inserted, but not the data from the forms inside the repeating group.

What’s the best way to get data from a form inside a repeating group, and assign it to a list of things?

Screenshot attached for reference. Thanks in advance!

You need a workflow that saves each reward form first. I’d have a save button inside the cell as well to do this. Click Save > Create new reward > save all the fields from the form. Then add the newly created reward to the project/user’s list of rewards field (which should be type = reward, list).

To be on the safe side, I’d also have a hidden field for Reward that allows you to reference the overall project or user so that the cross-referencing goes both ways. The project/user will have the List of Rewards, but you would also be able to search for rewards where project/user = a specific project/user.

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Thanks for the reply, Gaby.

The solution you’ve mentioned should work, but it’s not the most user friendly. Some user might forget to click the save button within a cell’s form, and lose all data.

Is it possible to save the fields in the form when any field value changes?

Thanks again!

At least two ways to do this.

  1. On input value change, trigger a workflow and update the object. Workflow editor > Create > Input value changed.
  2. Enable auto-binding on the input fields, which will auto update the field when it is altered.

Good point! You could also auto-bind and/or trigger the creation of a new reward from inside the cell so that you do both actions in one: update current reward and create new.


Thanks, everyone!
The auto-binding worked like a charm :slight_smile:

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