Create Filter Search

Hey guys,

I’m pretty new to bubble but I’m trying to create a filter search on my platform right now (image attached) and was wondering how this could be done. The filters are self explanatory as attached.

Thank you,

Hello Brandon, welcome.

I only joined a few days ago so I’m new too, and I’m not near a PC at the moment but I can give you a rough way of doing it. Some of these steps may be slightly off but I’ll fix them when I’m back on my PC.

You need to add a data type such as Artists and fields such as Location, Service, Distance, Date and Price.

Your results will need to appear somewhere, and these will be in a repeater group to show the results. You’ll need to add elements to your repeater and then link your input fields (in your screenshot) for the Location, Service, Distance, Date and From Price and To Price to the elements in your repeater.

In your repeater, do a search for Artists (your data type), click more and click filtered. Then click “filtered” in that box which will open a pop up. Click to add constraints and do something similar to the following:-

Location = Location Input’s value
Service = Service Input’s value
Date = Date Input’s value
Distance = within Distance Input’s value of Location
Price > From Price Input’s value
Price < To Price Input’s value

Create a workflow “when element is clicked”, choose the button Search, then add new thing. Click add, and choose Location = Location Input’s value, and do the same for all of them. And then choose go to page or display list or something depending on how you’d like to set it up.

You can use custom states to create tabs but that’s really confusing stuff so I’d take time out to learn that as it’ll make your setup more efficient.

Hopefully one of the experts on here can jump in and help more :slight_smile:

This is great information! Absolutely love it. Never realized a repeater group could do something like this. On a similar note, would you happen to know how to create a repeating search? Kind of like Airbnb (ill attach screenshots) where we do a search based on filters and then on the side, it shows all the results based on search and its reflected on the map?

Could you also provide a screenshot to this step? I can’t seem to find where you can click “more” and “filtered”

Sorry, I’m really new to this and I’ve just been relying on google for information.