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Setting up Search and Search Filters

HELP!!! So as you can see from the screen shot I have three fields that impact my search. The main bar where users can type in a category, the blank bar which will set the search radius, and the verified vendor dropdown with a yes/no/all filter.

This information feeds into a repeating group beneath it. I’m not quite understanding how to make the connection between these inputs to feed into the repeating group.

How do I handle the search radius for searches. Ideally, I would like the app to grab my vendor’s current location and use that to determine the distance from my current user.

@natedogg You seem the be the guru here. But any and all help is appreciated.

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Hey @binzoh.local,

What you’ll want to do here is set your search bar to the “Geographic Addresses” type.

After that, for your repeating group data, you’ll want to use the “Do a search for” option, and in the constraints you’ll want to reference the address field of whatever you’re searching for, and set the constraint to be within [radius input’s value] miles of [search box’s address value].

Next, you’ll want to add a a few scenarios for the third box. First, add your constraint as if the “verified” field is yes.

Next, add a conditional as if the “verified” field is no.

Finally, you can set up a third option.

That should do it! Let me know if you have any questions. Also, if you have trouble with it, send me a public link to your editor and I’d be glad to set up an example on a test page for you.


Wow. Thank you sir. Thank you.

Now, hopefully I’m not abusing your kindness but I have a couple more search related questions.

1.) Instead of doing Yes, No, or All for my verified vendor search I opted for Yes or No with the No returning results for ALL vendors. So my first question is if it’s possible set up my search results so that the primary sorting is based on being a verified vendor and second distance. So for instance, if my search radius was 2 miles, first the verified vendors within 2 miles would be listed followed by the non verified vendors within two miles.

2.) This may be too much for this platform to handle… but ideally when I conduct a search I would like to grab the current location of my user IN ADDITION to the current location of my vendors since they are semi-mobile. While some vendors may be stationary through the day, others may move two or three times. In my search results I would need to show the distance the current user is from the closest vendor and so on.

BONUS: If there is ANY WAY to grab a vendors location from the app and launch either Google or Apple maps for navigation purposes, that would be fantastic.

This is pretty much my final hurdle in my project. I apologize if it’s a lot, but any guidance would be supremely beneficial.

Sure thing, @binzoh.local!

  1. For this, you can use the :merged function after the initial Search for your data source. You’d just have the first search based on your parameters, then :merged, and then your second search with different constraints. Do a Search for [x] :merged with Do a Search for [y]

  2. This one’s tricky. Your app is only able to access someone’s location when they have the app open, so unless your vendor keeps your app open all day, the information may not be completely accurate, or missing altogether.

  3. For linking to the Google Maps website, you can use this link:[INSERT YOUR DYNAMIC ADDRESS HERE]

For Apple Maps, use this (iPhones should automatically open the Maps app.):


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Thank you once again @natedogg! Coming through in the clutch.

In regards to #2. It’s fine if the app can only actively access location when it’s open. My vendors don’t move around enough for this to be a major issue.

Let me explain my setup. My Vendors have their own page with a toggle switch that has an OPEN/CLOSED designation to indicate service status. When the vendor switches the toggle to OPEN, a workflow is run to grab their location and show a virtual open sign on the USER view side of their profile. Obviously I cant have the vendor check and uncheck the toggle. When the Toggle is in the CLOSED position, the vendor is shown as being closed and they’re hidden from search results.

Ideally, I would like to have a button/icon that the Vendor clicks when/if they move to a new position during their OPEN service time. Whats the best way to store the Vendor’s current location and allow the Vendor to click this button/icon to wipe out the old location and replace it with the current location.

You’ve been a real asset in helping me make sense of a couple things I questioned Bubble could even handle. Thank you again!

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Glad I could help!

In that case, you should be able to sort against your vendors’ locations using the same method as above.

Good luck!

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I know I keep saying last question. But one more quick thing. My Vendors upload a PDF with their schedules on it. How do I create a button/link that allows my Users to click on it and view that document? @natedogg

If you add a link with the PDF’s url from the Bubble database, they should be prompted to view/download it when they click the link.

Otherwise, you could probably use an iframe in a HTML element to display it.

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