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Hi there! I’m very new to bubble but am happy with the progress I’m making. I do have a quick question for the pros out there.

I’m using my app to capture an image of a product, storing it to a database, and then after I’ve finished I’m exporting a CSV file with the products I’ve scanned in.

My question is around generating a “Publick URL” where someone can click the URl and it show them the image I took at the scan station.

I’m storing the image just fine but I’m not able to generate a public URL.

Is there a way to do this inside the database? Or generate a public link in bubble?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can support.

Create a page to house the image. Let’s call it detail page
In another page from a repeating group setup a workflow to “go to page” detail when a row containing the entry that houses the image is clicked. Send that data object to that page.
In that page capture the url when it loads and save it to the dB somewhere … in a text field would be ok. Example: after the event “when page is loaded” create an action where you can use the operator “this url” and save it to the dB.

The above is a basic way to do this and you do not have to follow it necessarily. It is just meant to be a guide to spark ideas on how to approach the functionality that you want to build. :+1:

Awesome! Thank you very much - So, I was able to create the “detail” page you referenced, but I wasn’t able to understand how to create a workflow that captured the URL. Can you describe that for me in some detail? Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :+1:


Perfect thank you so much for the help. So, I was able to get this to work like you’ve shown, but the link that I was providing did not accommodate the company I sent the image links to. SO, I was able to get them to show me exactly what they’re looking for.

the link I sent is here:

they link they REALLY want is here:

these are real examples.

You can get to this link by right clicking the image and selecting “copy image address”.

How do I get access to that image link? is this even possible?

Thanks again for everything

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