URGENT! Need help getting URL image link

Hi there - I’m in a bit of an urgent situation. My company processes products on an assembly belt and the last function in our process is to take a live photo of the items current condition. That photo is stored in our database and we export a file at the end of each day and send it to our auction partners to auction the items off.

The issue is that the image URL that I’ve been sending them is not the URL they’re needing.

The example link I’ve been sending is this:

**Note: when you click on the link above you can see in the URL bar what the actual link is.

But they’re wanting me to send them the “hosted URL link”. Basically when you right click on an image and select “Copy Image Address”. That is the link they’re wanting me to send.

That example is here:

So, can someone please help me figure out how to capture the image link like the example above? We are willing to pay for this feature to be added to our tool as this is an extremely important.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to support!!

Hope this helps :+1:

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