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Create Item in nested repeating group while defaulting data from parent group

I’ve got a “parent” repeating group of Org’s with users as the sub group attached to each org.

When you click the add user button you get the following popup.

With the following as the value for the org unit.

The flow that I’m trying to create is when the “Create User” button is clicked the org unit that you click the Create User button for gets populated. I’m trying to avoid making it a drop down that would force the admin to then choose the appropriate org unit.

Send the org as data to the popup so it’s accessible there.

It took me a bit to figure out but I think I have it. I’ll explain for others (or when I forget :wink: )

When I created the reusable popup/group it I labeled it UserManagementPopup.

Within UserManagementPopup I created a group called GroupNewUser

When I chose the Display Data (ie push the data to the popup), GroupNewUser is not available… but UserManagementPopup is… I’m assuming this is because you cant push data to what would be a group with in a group.

The problem I was running into was with Data to display set to UserManagementPopup the data was not displaying in the GroupNewUser… as it was going to the popup not the group with in… to resolve I added a workflow that when the popup is loaded it sends the data onto GroupNewUser.

Not sure if this is indended behavior… but this is how I got it to work :wink:

thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Glad you got it! Your solution was what I had intended. I recommend setting the data before showing the popup, for UX purposes. You can’t pass data to a group within a reusable group directly because the scope of anything outside of the reusable group is just the reusable group itself. Passing data to the reusable group and setting custom states are ways to interface with it.