Display content from a repeating group in popup

Hello guys,

I hope someone of you can help me with that.

I got a repeating group which contains a image (uploaded by the user) and a book title (uploaded by the user). This works perfectly fine. Now I would like, that the user can click on one of the items from the repeating group and a popup shows up. This works as well. My problem is, that I don’t know how I can store the dynamic data in this popup? The user can enter on the page where he also upload the image and the book title several informations like the publisher. In my popup now I have a text item which shell display the publisher of the item from the repeating list on what the user has clicked.

Im pretty confused about it.

Maybe someone can help me with that, I would appreciate it.



Hello @lb1,
you can use Display data action in your workflow, then fill the element (this case the popup) and data to display use current cell.


Remember to use the same type of content in your popup:

And if you have groups in the pop-up fill them also with the same type of content and using parent group as data source:

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Thanks! Its working fine. If you just could explain me how I can make that the user which made the list item could delete the same, you would safe my day. :slight_smile:



You mean using the popup?

I.e: delete button inside the pop-up?


Yes. Inside the popup is a delete button. Im able to delete the things out of the repeating group. But I need to be sure that just the user which has made this specific item can delete it and not every user.

So you want to limit every user only can delete his stuff right?

In that case you can create a conditional only when Creator = current user:




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Thank you very much for your help and time! You really helped me out.