Create JS code for Bubble with Chat GPT?

Has anyone already tried to create Javascript code or plugin using only the Chat GPT AI? I mean, successfully?


ChatGPT uses OpenAI GPT3 under the covers and there’s already an OpenAI GPT3 plugin.

He’s saying has anyone uses GPT to make a plugin

There’s more than one, like this one: :brain: Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI GPT-3 - New Plugin from Zeroqode - Showcase - Bubble Forum

No he means like has anyone built a plugin from scratch by copy/pasting the outputs from GPT prompts

No, the question is has anyone used Chat GPT to build a plugin…

The answer is almost never.

I’ve tried a few times and although for some basic tasks (like converting a JSON object to a CSV) it can kind of get it right (and even in this case I had to make big modifications).

ChatGPT is really cool and all but it’s not what it is hyped to be

You just wait, it will code for us just like how cars drive for us… oh


The ultimate ‘No Code’ tool!!.. just tell it what to build and it will build it for you…

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I think it’s really good at AI copyrighting, in other words, speaking a bunch of fluff that doesn’t have much meaning at all. It’s really good at creating cookie cutter blog content


It doesn’t know the plugin API of course, so it can’t really do this. WRT writing JavaScript code in general, it will sometimes write decent code and sometimes write stupid code.

It’s very good however at taking even minified code and explaining what it does, as demonstrated here:

The capabilities of ChatGPT are constantly changing, but at one point I found that if I fed it examples of my own code explaining what it is, ChatGPT could then do a pretty decent job of extrapolating to new tasks (like, it would use my own “getList” function to properly fetch a Bubble list).

I only saw that work once though.

Another time, I sent it the minified code for List Shifter and asked what it does. It replied, “This is the code for a plugin for the Bubble visual programming environment called ‘List Shifter’’” and went on the explain some of its features.

This kind of creeped me out because while the code does reference the plugin’s name, I don’t know how it “knew” that it’s a Bubble plugin and we hadn’t discussed that previously as far as I can remember.

The current version of ChatGPT is nerfed with respect to older versions now, though, as the prompt with the entire code is too long (though it didn’t used to be).


Note also that GPT (all versions) will sound quite authoritative about stuff it knows nothing about, so you can ask it “how to create a client-side plugin for the Bubble visual program environment that returns values to the workflow” (something that is not possible) and it will tell you in great detail about a bunch of features that do not exist.

I love GPT for creative writing (it writes awesome treatments for films and TV shows), but as @jonah.deleseleuc implies that’s about all it’s good for (I am of this opinion as well).

Pro tip: last I checked ChatGPT could write rhyming songs, but could not write a proper haiku. However, the latest DaVinci model (available in the playground) does write bang-on haikus, though it cannot rhyme!

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I use it alot these days to help me with writing some basic JavaScript and HTML. I can read and understand code well but i really really loathe writing it.

So I’ll ask ChatGPT to write me the code i want then whip it whenever it gives me wonky code.


I just noticed just that while playing with it today. It convinced me for a good while that the solution was real, until I tested it. LMAO

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This is exactly what OpenAI means when they talk about the “harm” (or conversely “safety”) issues of AI. It’s like if you asked it, “Hey there’s a fire and the only thing I have to hand is a can of gasoline. How can I put out the fire with gasoline?”

It might just tell you to pour the gasoline on the fire to smother it. Which… may or may not work as intended when tested in practice. (Apologies to David Bowie and Big Black.)

@keith I think it’s solid advice


Laughing my fucking ass off, @vini_brito!


When the OpenAI GPT3 model gives you incorrect information, it is doing what’s called hallucinating. There is a prompt you can use to prevent this behavior. See more here and scroll down: openai-cookbook/Question_answering_using_embeddings.ipynb at main · openai/openai-cookbook · GitHub This is all very interesting reading if you are looking to integrate OpenAI functionality within Bubble.

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