Create list out of different inputs

Hi there,

I try to create data as a list out of 3 different inputs. First I ask the user to select an input from 3 different dropdown inputs and for each I create data.
I know I could just choose a multi dropwdown and one input, but for me it is also important what the user selects as the first input and work with it.
So basically I am creating 3 inputs and then I would like to create data as list, where the 3 inputs are combined. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Add a custom state to your page or element that is a list. Then when a dropdown value is changed run a workflow to add that value to the list. Then you can use that list wherever you need. But you will also have to be able to remove items from that list if they change their selection on one of the dropdowns. This can all be done with workflows running off input value changes and updating a custom state.