Adding text to a list when selected from dropdown

this is what im working with, i’m trying to get the dropdown value to transfer to the input box below when I click “Add”

I’m a little stuck so any help would be amazing, thanks

If you are going to select multiple items of the same type, for example multiple RPGs, I suggest using multidropdown.

Anyway, it would be more feasible to use list-type custom states to store the data from these dropdowns and then pull the data from these custom states to the input.

You could still send the data to the input directly through the initial value option.

I watched a few more videos and figured it out. The drop boxes work fine, but I didn’t have anything to “CREATE” instead my value above was “make changes” so that’s where i messed up. I don’t imagine anyone else running into this issue because i feel dumb now but that was the solution.