Create multiple individual things from list of things

I have a 1 thing called “invitation”, with a field for list of users (say 3 in this example, user1, user2, user 3). In another table called “replies”, I would like to track each user’s response to their invitation. I need some help with the workflow steps to create 3 individual replies from the 1 invitation. Thanks, Mark

As long as your plan allows API workflows, all you need is “Schedule API Workflow on a list”
In your api workflow “e.g. create_response” you create a record in your response table, for the invitation and user, you need to collect those as parameters.

On your page when you have your invitation and list of users, you can schedule the api workflow on the list, iterating down the list of users.

It’s pretty easily described in the documentation and doesn’t need any other plugin costs

Thank you richard10! This is very helpful.

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