Create multiple things based on repeating group data

I am trying create multiple entries to a thing (Store Price) based on checkboxes in a repeating group after creating the required thing (Grocery Item) for one of the fields of (Store Price).

The issue I am running into is defining the Store, Aisle and Price fields from a repeating groups cells in the workflow.

I’ve tried setting a state like I did in the previous step for the categories, but that created a list and these fields are not lists.

I tried creating as individual items, but then I am limited to a specific group in the repeating group. (:first item, :item #, etc.)

Not sure how else to approach this.

If I understood it correctly, I think you have (at least) two paths:

  1. recursive workflows in the backend (previous answer of mine sharing a how-to)
  2. ListShifter’s iterate on list

It might take you a minute or 2 to figure out how ListShifter works but it’s sooooo worth it.

ps: Don’t forget to toss a coin to your ListShiter witcher, Keith.

Perhaps I don’t quite understand it, but I’m not sure the recursive workflows applies as there are no API calls. All data is in the page’s repeating group’s inputs.

To clarify the intended result is to create a Grocery Item, then create multiple Store Price entries referencing the created Grocery Item based on the checked stores and their corresponding values (Aisle, Price) in the repeating group.

This is pretty straight forward when doing one store from inputs, the issue is doing multiple entries based on Repeating Groups inputs.

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