Workflow api create new from repeating group

Hi all

Is it possible to do bulk operation to create multiple “things”.

I added a post previously but don’t think it was well explained.

Essentially I am creating a shopping list for a user. The user will be asked a few questions which relate to a product.

So user selects from a drop down “bread”, the workflow goes off and returns a repeating group populated with all products that contain “bread” on the product type field.

Let’s say there are 20 products all with a recommended quantity of 2. The repeating group simply shows product name and 2 in separate fields.

Now the user clicks submit button, I need to then add all the information to a “thing” called orders placed.

It’s not feasible to make the user click each item, it needs to be done in bulk (some product types are well into the 100’s).

I started to scour the forum and apparently it might be doable with a workflow api, not sure how or what the problems will be to implement.

Open to any other suggestions


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