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Save repeating group to database as new records

I have a repeating group that I added data to (multiple rows) from another repeating group using state. That works fine.

I now want to say the contents of the reating group to a table as a new record for each row in the repeating group.

I use the WF of create things, but it creates one record with each field delimited with the values from the repeating group.

Here is the WF for the on click of the button

Here is what it looks like in the database

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What you’re doing in that workflow action is using a single “create thing” action that’s only going to run once, so it’s only going to create one record.

Then, in each of the fields, you’re providing list values. “Repeating group’s list” will return each item in the list. Thus, doing something like RG’s list’s first name will return each first name in the list.

What you want to do is Schedule an API Workflow on a list so that you have the Create Thing action in an API workflow and run that for every item in the RG, this creating a separate record.

There are tons of threads for how to set that up, but here are a couple videos too:

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Thank you very much. Worked perfectly.

Great job on your videos!

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@romanmg Hi. Great tutorial. How to set the API workflow when you don’t want to send e-mail but just gather / save the data displayed in the reapating group with one button?
I mean, I want to click on one “save” button to save information in my database. In this case, each line in the repeating group have to match to each line in the database.
Should I create a new thing in the API Workflow after creating API workflow list?
I don’t know if ti makes sens? How to do this?

Thank you.

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@romanmg Thanks for the answer above. I am just trying to someting little different. I have list of things being pulled in repeating group from external API source. Now with the save button i want to store the entire list in Repeating group to bubble database, each individual record as in repeating group. I tried above workflow but does not work. Any thoughts?

What you want to do is schedule an API workflow on a list where in the backend wokflow it creates new thing. Type of things is set as the API source data.