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Create new AWS S3 bucket - prep for API calls ( copy from to

instructions to accompany the following bubble tools …

Install AWS required steps

  • Create Bucket
  • Generate Keys - copy keys locally as will be needed later ( API Connector )
  • Set bucket permissions
  • Set ACL to Enabled

Details ( " Creating an S3 Bucket" & " Generating AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key" )
Once on the console, look/ scroll for “S3” then Buckets / Create Bucket
Enable ACLs and uncheck Block All Public opening up permissions.

Region =“us-west-2” may provide slight boost in performance as many Bubble apps are located there by default and being in same region can reduce network latency between app layer and storage layer.

Details on Permissions - Additional Security:

Add additional security to your AWS bucket by configuring policies on the ‘Permissions’ tab:

In the next steps, we’ll show you how to set Access Control, Bucket Policy,

In the ‘Block public access’ area unlock public access to all for time being.

Set ACL to Enabled