Create new data field by time

Has anyone ever needed to reset data or add a new data field based on date? For example, I want to build a section of my app that will allow users to track their milage or distance they have run in a given month. From there I want to build a leaderboard but want to refresh the data each month so that each month has a new goal. In a prefect world, I would like to keep previous months of data so users can also see their month over month progress.

You can keep all the data on the database, and just show whatever is relevant on your page (i.e. this month’s data, last month’s data etc.) using constraints or filters.

Thanks for the response. Yes, but is there a way to say “If 1st of the month, create new thing in the data base called (Jan 2021 Milage) and insert users miles” but then in February "If 1st of the month (feb), create new thing in the database called (Feb 2021 Milage)?

Sure, you can schedule a backend workflow to run on the first of every month to create a new entry in the DB.

Great! I have not done that before and am new to bubble. Thank you!!!

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