Create new list of things from two databases

Hello Guys, Im stuck. I need your help.

I have the page where I created repeating group(lets call it RG1) and added another repeating group(RG2) into RG1.
RG1 is a list of clients and RG2 is rows of information(inputs-sliders).
When I click on slider in RG2 I want to create a new thing in database A which would held information from two repeating group.
For example:
when I click slider in RG2 first cell it creates New thing1 in database A from first cell RG1 and first cell RG2.
when I click slider in RG2 second cell it creates New thing2 in database A from first cell from RG1 and second cell from RG2.
when I click slider in RG2 third cell it creates New thing3 in database A from first cell RG1 and third cell RG2.

Everything works OK and it is great.
The problem : I can’t find a way how create a thing in database when slider-input is null and wasn’t changed.
I think this problem can be solved by different methods but I tried and failed. Can somebody give me a clue?

Thank you very much in advance.

You could…

  • run a backend workflow to create a new thing if thing 1/2/3 count= 0 - You need to be not on hobby plan to run back end workflows.
  • make a page to search for players where count of thing 1/2/3 =0 and create a new thing 1/2/3 - you may timeout if you have to many players.

I can’t do it, because I don’t have this things created.
I thought about creating whole database and then change it or trigger workflow when input is null.
But I don’t know how to make it work.(((

I have explained above how to make it work. You need to trigger a workflow to create a list of players by search for players where thing 1 Count = 0 and then create a new thing 1 for the list of players. then you need to do the same for thing 2 and thing 3. The alternative is to add the thing 1/2/3 field to the players record.

Hi @play-in-team

May I know for what purpose you need create a thing in database when slider-input is null and wasn’t changed?

I think if you need to use the data in other place, you can show default value if data for specific client and information is not available

yes, you are right, but null is a number and I can work with it. I can count how many such ratings there were. For example I need to count all nulls which axact player had.
And I also trought that Bubble may work faster if database is precreated.

Thank you. I will try this.
But I don’t really understand how to make it work when I have list of players.
I feel some lack of specific knowledge=)

If you do a search for players, with the only search parameter being players thing 1 Count = 0 ,the n you will get a list of all players which don’t have a thing 1 you can then use this list in the workflow to create a thing 1 with a Null or 0 as the value. then repeat this for thing 2 and 3 and you should have no more empty things, everything should either have a thing with a value or null.

this workflow should only need to be used as a one off to fill up your database, from now on you should create the 3 null things on player creation.