Creating dynamic input field from database

I’d like to give my users the ability to customize a form on a page and a DB with data types.

For example: let’s say I have a table in the DB for “people” and the user can add people to it.
But I want the user adding people to have the ability to customize the data fields they can save for each person. Like one user will decide they want to save people’s hair color, so they will be able to add a “custom field” called hair color of type text. And then when they go to the entry form page, they have that input field.
Then the data’s is saved (probably in a separate table then “people” but with a link to the specific person’s record.

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Thanks for your post! At the moment, your users can create new things with the existing fields, but cannot dynamically create new fields for an existing data type. This would be an excellent idea to share on our Ideaboard which allows you to submit feature requests and also vote on ideas that other users have shared.

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