Create product Variant and Variant option for ecomm

Hello all.

really need help since I got stuck for the last 1 week with this problem.
the main goal is to Create a product → add variant ( variant type, variant option, and variant option stock )

my data


  • product_detail → product Detail

Product Detail

  • variant → Variant Set
  • variant_list → Variant Set( another thing for trial/learn to add list of variant_set )

Variant Set

  • variant_type
  • variant_option
  • variant_stock

What I have accomplished:

  • Create a new product with ONE ( only ) variant ( include all variant detail like stock etc).

Right now I want to add multiple variant set to one single product.
the flow I’m doing now is

the goal for Arbitrary text is for giving a "random name " so I can make changes to thing when the final save.
the result is all product - product detail - variant set has linked data under “random name” name

the last challenge is: to add multiple variants ( detail include type, stock, and option ) under one product called " RANDOM NAME"

the problem I face is, each time I create a new variant set, the variant product_id ( which is connected to product detail ) is always empty.

I want to each time create a new variant set, the detail is under one product detail

anyone can help, please

thank before.

You can use make change to thing after to flow and choose which you want change if create a new product you will find it result of step 1 to change
hope this help you.

Hello @amer
the flow is
on the dashboard page - create product ( button with workflow I mention before )- go to create a product page

so on the create product page, there is no workflow from the page before.

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