Create tags from input on a certain post


I’m building a blog where users can create an article and add certain tags for the article.

I would like to let users create tags for each post before they submit, preferably automatically when adding a comma.

However, when a tag is created I also want to create a new page for this, containing all other posts if there are posts with this tag. For example:

On this page, there should be a repeating group with all posts containing this tag.

What is the best way to do this?

When a tag already exists it will be added to the page with all the other posts. But when the tag is never been used before, it will also create a new page. Also, I allow up to 15 tags, so if all the tags are not used before it should create 15 new pages.

Thanks in advance!

don’t forget to check for existing tags, case sensitive and so on :slight_smile:

You do not create 1 page for each tag. You create 1 page “Tags” and give it type of content = “Tag”. When a user clicks on a tag somewhere on your app - he is redirected to the “Tags” page and data (clicked tag) is sent to the page. In a repeating group you will just have a data source like “Do a search for posts where tags contain current page tag”.

Good tip, thank you!

Do you know what the easiest way is to create an input field for the tags, but also check for existing tags?