[Solved] How to create a tag based bookmark system?


I want to allow users to:

  1. Click on bookmark icon provided on the posts
  2. Assign tags to that particular post (using multi-select dropdown for same)
  3. This bookmarked post then shows in the user’s profile page

On the profile page of user:

  1. The tags are listed as created by the user
  2. When the user clicks a tag, all posts user that tag gets shown.

I have used the following tutorial to allow users to create tags:

Here’s the datatype bookmark I created:

Datatype tags:

Datatype post:

Datatype user:

So now this is how multi dropdown menu looks like:

The workflow:

This is exactly as shown in the video and successfully creates the tags as well as shows existing tags created by user.

Then it creates bookmarks:

Then it saves the bookmark in post datatype:

Then the created bookmark gets saved in the user datatype:

So when I checked app data, the tags are getting created, but nothing shows in the post section:


This is how the profile page looks like:

I am showcasing the saved bookmarks in a repeating group:

This is the group comprising the post which has ‘group border’ enabled:

This is how it looks like in preview:

As you can see, it is not rendering the links. But it shows the group border of the repeating group indicating something is getting created but not shown.

Kindly help me out I am not able to figure out where the issue lies!

The first thing I would check is if the data is properly set on “Parent’s Group Bookmarks’s Post”. If its set to Post it should work. Check on the element and then with the debugger + if you have set privacy rules also check that.

Try setting the data source to Current User Bookmark rather than Current Page for now + check in the Database on the User type if the workflow is saving up correctly Bookmark id’s

btw. isn’t the RG not showing the data related with the latest bug problem? Do you still have this issue?

So this is how the bookmark is getting saved -

When you click on the blue bookmark icon - this pop shows up which right now I have set to bookmarks:

So you’re telling me that I should change this to post?

I checked the DB for users and it is saving the bookmark’s ID correctly:

So, I checked the ‘post’ datatype. Here I saw that the bookmark isn’t getting saved, no unique ID here:

Similarly for bookmark datatype, there is no post’s unique ID getting saved:

I did not understand this

It depends. You can do it that way and then in the workflow below set the Post = Popup Save Read with tag Post. If you do it that way you need to also have “Display data to popup” workflow set up.

It depends on what type of workflow you have under SAVE button there. What is it?

Currently your workflow is set is to get the “Multidropdown Search or create” parent bookmark but the multidropdown is not connected to the Post in any way, so Bubble doesn’t know to what post it should save the bookmark. Am I right?

issue #2

Did you test this?

Sorry, my bad. But it probably isn’t the problem.

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So I did that:

In workflow:

How do I set up "display data to popup and at what position of the workflow?

There is nothing happening here - it just hides the pop up:

Everything is happening in the multi dropdown select’s workflow

Yeah right, so I have changed the popup’s type to post from ‘bookmark’.

Yes, I did that.

So I have done the above for now except for display workflow. It still shows the problem:

Okay so you can set it to Post then.

When the user click on the BOOKMARK icon

Data source: If you have an RG set it to the current cell if you have a group set it to the group post.

“Google books” is it getting data from some API is just your wording here?

what is Google books? What you can show in the RG is what you have in your DB.

So I have a RG set to show all posts in feed. But I did not get the option to ‘current cell’

These are the options I have:

I have set it to ‘parent group’s post’ for now, but when I ran the preview, it still showed problem. But this time it didn’t create anything:

There should have had been 2 group border lines, but it’s still one line.

Tags are getting saved and shown though.

Are comfortable sending me a link to app through PM? It would save us both a lot of time.

Sure, I’ve DM’ed you

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