Create thing from API JSON

I’m trying to create thing in database based on API response from a public service.
In response I got this code:

    "result": {
        "field_names": [
        "data": [
                "Test User 1",
                "2018-04-06 06:55:36"
                "Test User 2",
                "2018-04-06 07:02:27"
                "Test User 3",
                "2018-04-06 07:02:59"

The number of object is not defined so there could be one, none or 100.
I’m struggling to add those values in Workflow - Create a thing
I tried to Body parameters as a variable but not sure this is a right place

Could you please help me?

I am guessing the answer is by creating a workflow.

When: button is clicked (for example)
Step 1.: [your plugin call - the one that you pasted above]
Step 2: Schedule API Workflow on a list

What do you think? Would this be the way?

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Thank you.
Your correct.
After spending couple of hours I was able to split entire API response in to variables (key) and then work with them to create things.