How to create a list of Things from an external API?


I want to create a list of Things from an external API.
For the sake of understanding, I have simplify it : I have a Test data type with 2 fields : Name and Notes

Here is what I hava done so far:

  1. Create API:

  2. Create API call:

  3. The data is correctly returned by the API:

  4. Create an API workflow

  5. Select the API call from step 2

  6. If I choose the action Create a new Thing…

… When I run the API workflow via the Bulk button in App data, all tests are created in the same Thing

While I want this instead :

Maybe Copy a list of Things would be the correct path but i can’t find the correct expression

Would you have any suggestions please? :pray:

From step 4, you need one more API Worklfow, where you will create new Test
You can use Schedule API workflow on the list

Type of things : get-test’results
LIst to run: Result of step 1 (Your api call, try POST if GET will not work)
Api workflow: Separated workflow for create your things


Thank you very much @userX.wlnc!

It seems to work :pray: however I am not sure everything is correctly done because I do not understand all the logic of this process.

Here is what I have done:


It is especially for the separated workflow create-test that I am not sure about.

If something do not seem correct, please do not hesitate to tell me :slight_smile:

Ah sure
Use “response object” as parameter, not each field field separately, and you will be able to extract each field in create new thing … action
Your way is correct too, mine is easier I think :pray:

Thank you, however I am not sure to understand.

Where should I use “response object” as parameter?

Instead of sending Name and Notes as parameters for Create Test workflow
You can send [Parameter] test [Type]“get-test’result” as parameter and then:

When scheduling it set parameter [test] = “This get-test’result”

Don’t worry about second workflow, you can use this combo of

  1. Baserow v2 - get-test => 2. Schedule API workflow create-test
    From everythere in your app, from every workflow

Hope this helps

Sorry but I do not understand where I should send [Parameter] test [Type]“get-test’result” because for create-test workflow parameters or get-test workflow parameters I have not the possibility to select [Type] “get-test results”