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Create Thing via Data API

Running into an issue creating things (one at a time) via the Bubble API.

I have a webhook that makes a POST to the Bubble /obj/itemtype as per the documentation as near as I can tell. I have some privacy on the data type, but I’ve set “everyone” to be able to Create, Delete, or Modify via API. When I get data in from the webhook, one user’s data is being created but another is not. I can see the webhook is successfully getting the data and sending it to Bubble, but it’s not creating the thing.

Separately, I tried routing the webhook to a POST to a backend workflow to create the object, with settings of ignoring privacy, public workflow, etc. Again, one user’s data is created, but the other is not.

Quite confused on this. What am I missing?

Hey @jeff.stroh,

Is it possible your user data for the second user is formatted differently? If you could post some screenshots with your test data, I’d be happy to take a look.

So I made a mistake and had an old webhook running that was actually populating the items, so the new webhook is receiving the items, but they aren’t populating in Bubble.

The webhook is receiving the items, but it’s having an issue dealing with some of the content. I’m using Integromat to handle the webhook, so I guess need to look into that. It’s giving an error on the output:

In the meantime, I presume the webhook should be sending content like the below:

In terms of “raw” body type and application/json. The other webhook service (Pipedream) didn’t go to that level of detail, just {{event details}} which had the content that Bubble was able to read through the /initialize on the end point.

@gbenchanoch, any thoughts?

Thanks in advance if you have any insight!

Hey! I have a few meetings but can help later in the evening. Can you post step by step workflow here to better understand what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish?

Like I said in the other post, you may not need to utilize the “obj” workflow at all if the initial POST to Strava is returning all the data you need. You can use that POST as a “data” workflow and just “make new thing” or “make changes to thing” whenever you trigger that API call.

I think I’ve figured out my issue… I needed an array aggregator to JSON module before sending onwards to Bubble.

Now trying to get the JSON setup right in terms of mapping items. A few items come across, but I need to break up a collection which isn’t clear in the Integromat info.