Create things in a loop in Bubble

The general question would be why there are no loops in Bubble at all (apart from scheduled API workaround)? Is it to prevent accidental or malicious infinite loops?

Particularly, why it is not possible to create a list of Things with a loop. I know there is a workaround for this suggested by bubble community. But what is the reason behind not supporting it in Bubble? Many times It may make Bubbler’s job difficult. I would suggest two possible actions in Data (Things) section of the workflow actions:

  1. Create a list of things - This will create a given number of empty things. For example, this may be helpful if Bubblers want to create empty things for autobinding.
  2. Convert a list of things to a list of new things - This will result in a new list. Some fields of the new Things will map to the expressions involving fields of the source list.

For people with a programming background, this will sound like Bubble implementation of streaming API universally used in all modern programming languages. stream().map().collect()

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Apparently the Bubblers from years ago were freezing themselves into infinite loops and barely understanding what was happening at all, so Bubble team forbade direct looping and envisioned other ways to solve stuff.

Hey @serg.sargsyan,
The ‘list processor’ is one of the things available in Utilities (bdk) plugin that should enable you to do this. Here’s the forum thread:

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Thanks for the answer! My assumption was right. However, the actions that I suggest will be controllable. Oh, and I see that @guarav already covering the actions in his plugin

Yup, we found workarounds, or just built ourselves the tools needed so we could loop without bothering the Bubble team.