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Repeating Group inside Repetaing Group loading trouble


I would love to create nested comments (like on 9gag / reddit), example below:

          |Reply to Main Comment 1
          |Reply to Main Comment 2
          |Reply to Main Comment 2

If MAIN COMMENT have more than five replies i would like to show only first one and button “show more replies”, which will show the full list of replies.

In order to achieve that i used two repeating groups (one inside another).
First one (for main comments) is ext. vertical scrolling, second one ( for replies) is “full list”.
Right now those replies (full lists) are loading very slowly, even if comment has one or two replies.

In order to load those replies i use "Do a search for REPLIES " where “linked comment = current cell comment”.

How can i avoid that / make it faster / rebuild it to work better?

Right now i’m using some loader animation from lottie but it’s too long anyway…

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Try adding a “comments” list field for the main comment.

That may speed things up. Of course you should test it and see if that speeds things up.

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Thank you for your reply. I think that it will work if there are few replies to a comment. If there are thousands it can be much slower than current method, right?


You would have to test out a couple thousand in the traditional way vs. the way I suggested. I would still think my way is faster because the app knows the exact “thousand” of comments to bring back. In your case, the System would search through ALL comments in the database and bring back the relevant ones.