Create User After Stripe Payment

Hi All,

I want users to be able to purchase subscriptions straight from a landing page - then when purchased create an account for them in the backend.

I can use the stripe payment links to get the payment but unsure how to capture and create the account back in bubble.

Greatful for any guidance!


Can use Stripe webhook or rely on the url upon redirect from Stripe after payment to know payment took place and to trigger account creation.

Stripe allows you to insert metadata into the checkout session. You’ll want to pass the user’s email or some reference that allows you to identify which email to create an account for. Then, from the webhook, on the checkout session completed event you can create an account based on the email. Having a redirect URL that runs workflows when visited isn’t great because if the user doesn’t redirect after payment (e.g internet, goes back etc) then the account creation would fail.

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