Create a New User, Only When Stripe Subscription Begins

Hello all! A bit new to Bubble + Stripe.JS. How would I go about creating a new user account, only when the user subscribes to a plan?

So, you want to completely bypass Bubble for payments? All details are then entered at Stripe? I’m not familiar with the implementation with Stripe, but you would redirect people to Stripe, let them fill in everything there. Then, from Stripe, you need to send all details to a backend workflow and create a new user. At the end of that workflow, you should then send the user an email to create a password. I think you should look in this direction.

Not necessarily. The workflow would be for the user to pay via a payment portal in Bubble, but powered by Stripe. I am curious about the backend workflow part - looking in that direction now.

Create user in Stripe first, subscribe them to the plan
Then create user in the app

Are you facing any issues doing this?