Creating a Calendar Budget Tool

Hello Bubble friends! Newbie here.

I want to build a personal budget tool that looks like a calendar, where you can add bills/budget items directly to the calendar, and make them repeat if desired. Does anyone know what the best way to do this would be? I am not interested in hiring a developer to do this, I want to do it myself. I just need guidance on how to go about this in Bubble.


I recommend checking out It’s the best collection of resources across the Bubble ecosystem. As well, I recently launched LearnBubble (edit: now LearnTo), which covers a variety of topics.

Once you have the fundamentals of Bubble, building an application like what you described should come to you pretty readily.

Some of the logic/initial concepts I’d encourage you to explore is:

  • using date as a database field for search/filtering purposes
  • creating recurring events / scheduled API workflows
  • creating a list of things (via an API event)
  • displaying data in a group (popup)