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Recurring event in calendar plugin

I came across a couple of threads on the forum about this, but they are several months old. Is there an existing functionality, or has somebody devised a hack, to repeat an event daily/weekly/monthly/yearly in the Bubble calendar plugin?


I’m somewhat expecting a brand new calendar plugin to be developed when the Bubble plugin elements open up to the world. I don’t think anything currently exists to give recurring events, but I’d bet 50 bucks that someone will build it in a custom element in the coming months.

Are you making this? :wink:

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Yep, I have done it on my calendar demo example;

And in the editor;


Haha, nope. My JavaScript skills aren’t strong enough to make something other humans would use :stuck_out_tongue:


Dave! Thanks for those links. I looked over your mini-apps and learned quite a few things. I will try to implement your hack for Repeating Events. It looks like it works as desired. Would you mind if I asked you questions if any come up during the process?

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No problem, just don’t make any questions too difficult!


Wow. I am looking through your resource and while I have some questions, it is pretty amazing that you put this together. Really shows some new areas to explore!!!

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Wow. @DaveA, very nice collection of demos!
Just started thinking on the groupfocus menu thing - you can add the steps in the submenu workflows to redisplay the previous menu - this way you can theoretically go as deep as you want. Provided that you are willing to manage the exponential growth of submenu workflow sizes… :slight_smile:
In practice, however I have to agree that going more than a couple of levels in the menu is a pain in the *** to create and bloody hell if you ever had to change anything…

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thanks @Arche, the only problem with the group focus thing is that the don’t stay visible as you work deeper, the parents disappear.

Thanks @Bradluffy!

They won’t get a chance to hide if each and every submenu activation workflow does an action for each previous menu to keep them shown. Or am I wrong?

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