Creating a Chart with data from a RG

Hi bubblers!

I’m using this methodology to add months to a start date I pull from the database.

The result looks like this:

I’m trying to create two things:

  • a chart from these numbers with the dates on x and the number on y
  • group the RG in a group by date

Are these two things possible?

Thanks for your help!

You can definitely put a chart element into a RG. I do this in an app I work on

Should be no problem grouping by date

Thanks @jared.gibb

I’m trying to make it work but I have difficulties doing so. I’m not able to pick the dates from the RG and when I place the graph in the RG it’s doesn’t work either

Can you show your workflow.

When you put the chart in the RG be sure to give it a unique element ID. You could do element+:current cell’s index

I don’t have a workflow

You can view it here:

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