How to create a chart that sources data from different data types

I have two data types :

  1. product sales
    field : date, product name, sales
  2. product ad
    field : date, product name, cost
    (the two data types should be different for specific reason. these data types and each fields are more complex, actually)

I want to create a chart that its label is date and value is sales/cost .
but I’m struggling with the type of data and data source.
In my bubble app, I use ‘chart element’ plugins to create charts.
And I can’t figure it out how to create this chart.

Is there any other plugins to solve this problem? or If there is some solutions, please let me know.

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You can set your 2 data series here.

I definitely need better documentation for these charts. It would be helpful to update the property field names to

X axis horizontal axis is the date axis.
This takes a list of text. Usually I just save the date object and format it as a custom text display. Sometimes I just save date to the database as a text display already for ease.

Then set out two List that represent the y-axis values for your data paths

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