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Organizing Charts by date

I have built a few simple apps and I’d like to add more analytics to them. I can get a chart to add up everything but dates. I can’t seem to get the bar graph / charts plugin to organize data by month/year. I want to group by month but when I do it won’t return the data.
Does anyone know of a good tutorial series on making more charts and graphs in bubble?
An example would be that a company logs an event on 1/1/2020 and then 3 other events in the same month. Then you’d run a report to see how many happened in each month of the year so you’d see a tally. But I can’t get the charts to group by month unless i create a MONTH field on the event “thing” and that requires me putting “01 January” “09 September” to get them to show up in the correct order on the bottom of the graph. I know there has to be a cleaner way of doing it.