Creating a counter to track number of days left in monthly subscription

Hi all, hope all good.

I’m trying to set up a counter to track the number of days left in the monthly subscription (for a user signed up in Stripe). This would be the difference in days b/w the last payment made and the subscription end date. So when the current user logs in, the database would update the counter and when the counter hits 0, this would enable user credits to be reset. See the screen grab for the billing database. Any help or tips to solve this would be really gratefully received.

Hi there, @freddybobjones… if I understand your post correctly, it sounds like you just need a workflow action that makes changes to the current user after they log in. The action would set a counter (number) field to the subscription end date minus the last payment made date formatted as days. Does that sound like what you are trying to do?


Thanks Mike. Yes - that’s pretty much it. So if today’s 2nd Oct and the user’s monthly subscription expires on 4th Oct, then the counter would register 2 days left in their current monthly subscription.

I’ve got a “Subscription_Days” counter I’m trying to set up in the database but it’s proving to be quite stubborn to get operational.

Maybe something like this?

This is really great. Many thanks Mike!

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